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Like most agents, you are probably really excited to begin your new real estate career. TV and real estate classes might lead you to believe that selling real estate is about houses and the key to success is as simple as being a great house seller and finding people to sell them to.

You picture yourself pointing buyers to the kitchen and the bathrooms and a few weeks later collect a big commission check. 

But it isn’t quite that simple. 

Most agents fail within the first two years of business, and the main reason is because they don’t know how to get clients. Like throwing enough sh*t so something will stick, they grab whatever lead generation idea they can find and launch into the abyss hoping to nail a lead. 

This routine is ineffective and exhausting. The energy cost is high, the results are low, and it leads straight to burnout, then failure.

Do not lose hope. There is a solution to this vicious cycle, and it is simpler than you might think. 

Be led by Something Greater Than Money and the money will follow.

Here are three reasons why being successful in real estate depends on finding your SGTM.


Have you ever tried to lose weight? Your beach vacation was planned and you wanted to wear that new bikini. Your eye was on the prize. You ate kale chips and protein smoothies for a couple of days, but then you met up with friends for happy hour. After the second margarita, the chips and guacamole seemed too good to pass up.


You will start your diet again tomorrow. 

Three weeks later you are on the beach in shorts and a t-shirt.


As James Clear writes in his bestselling book, Atomic Habits

“The ultimate form of intrinsic motivation is when a habit becomes part of your identity. It’s one thing to say I’m the type of person who wants this. It’s something very different to say I’m the type of person who is this.”

So are you a person who wants to wear a bikini, or are you a person who doesn’t eat junk food?

It is so easy to give up in this business, and when you are simply chasing the money, you have no reason to stay other than the commission. So when you hit a rough patch, it is easy to jump ship and go do something else. 

It is so much easier to guide your choices when you are a person who sells real estate rather than a person who wants to earn commissions.

It may seem like a subtle difference, but it is the keystone to a profitable and sustainable business. 

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How did you end up here?

Are you in it for the money? Well, there is no shame in working for money, but there are lots of ways to earn a living. 

Money is great and that is usually the driving force of why we get up everyday to go to work. Money buys us shelter and food and all the stuff. It buys us peace of mind and freedom. It allows us to help people we love. It enables us to help the world. 

And in real estate, we stand to make lots of it. 

Gobs of it.

As much as we set our minds to making. 

Most of us have money stories. Baggage that we subconsciously carry around that block the flow of money to us. When we are chasing the dollar these hidden stories often cause us to sabotage ourselves and we lose steam and land right back into our broke-ass comfort zone.

When we dive deep and figure out our reason for doing what we do, we sidestep those money stories- those limiting beliefs and have a better chance of success.  

By being led by SGTM and finding a way to monetize it, we are able to do work that is in line with our purpose and our values without the baggage and the limiting beliefs. So long as we set up a path to monetize our SGTM, we take the pressure off and instead jump with joy to do the work that we love.

By following the path to money, we end up creating wealth and not getting burned out.

There are lots of ways to make money. Lots of things to sell. Why did you choose real estate instead of selling widgets or medical supplies?

There has to be a reason, so take a moment and think back.

There has to be something you want to accomplish. A reason why you are here. Because there are easier ways to make money. If you don’t have a reason to be here, a purpose, then you are going to grab the margarita and chips and then it’s  bye-bye beach body.


Know Like and Trust

Real estate is a relationship business and the average person knows seven agents. Seven! So why are they going to choose you?  

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust

When you are led by money without a deeper purpose, it is easy to get off track and lose sight of the person behind the transaction, and that shows. It is hard for someone to trust you when they feel that you are just in it for the money. And then they go work with someone else.


Not all money is good money.

But when you are driven by your SGTM, it means that you stand for something. Your values show and you will attract the right people. The ones who want to work with you. The ones who are a good fit, rather than the ones who make you miserable and burn you out. The ones who sap your energy and waste your time.

Time that could have been spent on working with clients you actually like.


When you are led by SGTM, your internal compass will guide you to the right clients. And when you have clients, you make money. 


Find your purpose, find your power

Once you have a reason for getting out of bed, you don’t dread it. You are propelled every day to jump up and start doing what you love. When you build your real estate career based on your purpose, around something with meaning, then you will not have to force yourself to avoid the guac. You will be a person who eats kale.

You will be motivated from within and that is the strongest force of all.

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