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You are unstoppable. You can have anything you want in this life. If real estate is part of your plan, JBREA was created for you.

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Real Estate is not about houses, it’s about people. People just  like you. If you are looking to get into real estate as a career, or level up the real estate her that you already have, JBREA is the place for you.
Led by our founder, Janis Benstock, JBREA offers a comprehensive real estate education.  Janis got her license back in the 1900s. She is currently a broker in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has been teaching since 2017. She is an active  member of Real Estate Educators Association (REEA) where she earned her Gold Standard Instructor (GSI) designation. She is also a district 1 director and  for the Pennsylvania association of Realtors and sits on two committees at the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors.

Her mantra is “When I teach, I learn.”  She is constantly striving to grow and expand for her students and with her students.  She opened JBREA so she could combine real estate education with mindset and the high touch learning environment that makes her love teaching so much.

We are not like other schools.
We firmly believe that the real estate license in your pocket will do you no good unless you know how to get clients.  We believe that we should all be led by something greater than money, and the money will follow. We believe that you are unstoppable. You could be, do, or have anything you desire.
JBREA is  licensed in Pennsylvania to offer both pre-licensure and broker classes. You can obtain your PA real estate sales person’s license, and PA real estate broker’s license here at JBREA. We also offer continuing education and business development classes.
Featured on page 15-16 on Philadelphia Real Producers

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