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Finding your SGTM is the foundation to your success.  Now that you how how important it is, you might be eager to get started living your life on purpose. Are you wondering how to figure out? It’s not as hard as you you think to find way out of the daily grind and focus on what’s important.


3 Fun Exercises to Uncover Your Purpose.

  1. Discover What Brings You Joy

Make notes of what you do this week. Keep a running list of the things you do throughout your day. You don’t need a lot of detail, and this can be done on your phone so that you will always have it on you.

Simply start a new note and every time you do something, from laundry to sex, and every thing in between, put it on the list. You don’t need to put the time you did it or how long you spent on it, just the a word or two. 

Do not judge yourself- there is no right or wrong here. No one but you is going to see this- so be honest and put everything down. The purpose of this exercise is to get a snapshot of the things you do and how they make you feel. And try not to alter your schedule so it looks better on the list. In order for this exercise to work, you have to be honest and open.

Get it all down so you have a clear picture of how you are spending your days.

Aim to do this for a week, but you might see the answer in as little as a few days.

Your Happy Color


Once you have the list complete, grab your favorite color highlighter, and highlight the items on your list that bring you joy. Sometimes, they will be so obvious that they start jumping out at you right away.

When this happens, make special note of what you were doing or working on. You might begin to notice a feeling of flow.

This is the seed for your SGTM.

Ask For Help

Are you so lost or buried in the daily task of our life that you have a hard time recognizing what brings you joy? If you have ever been in a rut (hey 2020- I am looking at you!) you know that getting unstuck can feel like trying to escape quicksand. 

Our friends, family and colleagues can often times see us more clearly than we see ourselves because they aren’t viewing us thorough the lens of ego. 

Ask people who know you well what your superpowers are. Ask them to describe your top 3 strengths and the 3 character traits that describe you.

I love doing this exercise and have seen people get an amazing burst of clarity from it, but I know that there is often resistance to doing it. If you feel like skipping over this one, don’t!

Are you afraid to ask because it feels needy or narcissistic? Try giving first. Come up with a list of your friend’s superpowers and present it to her, then ask her to do the same for you.


  1. Why did you choose real estate?

Journal about this. Free style write and see what comes up, because you could have chosen anything as a career. Why real estate?

Change and purpose come from within. We get more results when we are someone rather than trying to achieve something. Focus on why you got your license. Who are you and why is this career something that a person like you does?

Get your watcher out

Imagine you are watching the movie version of your life and you are the star!

What do you see? Look at the movements and actions of the star of this film. What are they doing and achieving?  Without any of the constraints and stories that you tell yourself, what would they accomplish? Picture your ideal life and get really specific about how it will look. Imaging your days in detail and write it out. Where do you live? What is your morning routine? What happens during the work day?  Visualize what you are doing if money were no object. When you take the money factor away, you isolate what you love to do from what you have to do.

This is key to finding your SGTM. This is your purpose, like the wood in the fireplace. Once you light it, the heat radiates and warms up everything it touches. 

  1. Marry them

Finding your SGTm is the first half of the equation. The saying is  Be led by Something Greater than Money and the money will follow.

Now that you have zoned in on what brings you joy and why you chose real estate, it is time to forge a path to monetization.  

See if you can identify some aspects of your business that shine a spotlight on what you love to do. Once you create this path it becomes easy to follow. 

You wake up everyday motivated to work because you have built your business on one of your core beliefs or joys. Which means you never have to stress or force yourself out of bed to go to work. You are no longer chasing a carrot on a stick. You are a woman with a purpose. You are a Real Estate Rock Star!