Should you go solo with that broker’s license? Or Hire Agents?

Whether or not  you will want to open your own real estate brokerage someday, you should go get your real estate broker’s license.  It takes work- extra education and an exam, as well as filling the experience requirement set by your state. In takes time and money to meet these requirements, but the benefits are […]

How To Choose a Real Estate Broker

Choosing a real estate broker is like choosing a spouse, but harder. There is no Tinder for choosing a real estate brokerage, so how are you supposed to figure it all out?  If you are considering getting your real estate license and looking for your first broker or an agent looking to make a switch, […]

A Typical Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent

A day in the life of a broker: Planting Seeds Real estate can be a fulfilling and lucrative career, but at its heart, realtors are entrepreneurs. They are in business for themselves, and running your own business can be quite lonely. Many students and new agents ask me what the typical day in the life […]