Be Led by Something Greater Than Money and the Money Will Follow

Finding your SGTM is the foundation to your success.  Now that you how how important it is, you might be eager to get started living your life on purpose. Are you wondering how to figure out? It’s not as hard as you you think to find way out of the daily grind and focus on […]

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Purpose in Order to Succeed

Like most agents, you are probably really excited to begin your new real estate career. TV and real estate classes might lead you to believe that selling real estate is about houses and the key to success is as simple as being a great house seller and finding people to sell them to. You picture […]

5 Things to Know Before You Get Your Real Estate License

On the first day of real estate class I always ask my students to raise their hands if they are getting into real estate because of HGTV, and without fail, about half the hands in the room go up. As soon as we open the textbook and start diving into the content, I know there […]

5 Steps to Get Real Estate Leads WITHOUT Cold Calling

Do You Want to Get Leads and Build Your Business but Feel Stuck? That used to be me. I wanted to get leads and close deals so badly, but I didn’t know how. My manager told me that reading scripts and cold calling was the formula for success, but I couldn’t bring myself to pick […]

Get Real Estate Referrals Without Being Awkward AF

Don’t Ever Ask for Real Estate Referrals. I bet you think I am crazy, right? No matter what the “experts” told you, you do not need to ask people for real estate referrals in order to get business. In fact, I am telling you that you never should ask for a real estate referral. Ever. […]

Stale listings? 5 ways to freshen it up get it SOLD

Listings are leverage and the secret sauce to jump starting your career, but they can be  hard to get. Buyer leads are often much easier to obtain, and although working with buyers can be rewarding as well as lucrative, it is much more time consuming than working with sellers. Listings not only leverage your time […]