How To Do Real Estate Farming The Organic Way

This is the way we’ve always done real estate farming Farming is an age old way to build your real estate business.  It can be a good thing because it builds community as well as your business, but if not done organically, it can be creepy. The traditional way focuses on promoting yourself as the […]

Real Estate Farming: A Brainstorming Session at our Brokers Meeting

We had an amazing brainstorming session at our brokers meeting last week about Real Estate Farming. We all gathered around to throw out ideas for the topic of the day, which was ideas for farming our neighborhood. In order to make it easy to follow through, we came up with a team plan of choosing […]

Touch 5 people a day (not in the creepy way)

Real estate is a people business. Touch 5 People! I hope you are constantly doing activities to get your head in the game, like pre viewing properties and attending open houses. These activities are vital to your transformation into a real estate professional, but without any clients, real estate is nothing more than just a hobby.  How […]