You Don’t Need a Cold Calling Script With a Motivated Seller

I know that listings are the holy grail and 90% of the battle is getting the lead. If you have worked your ass off and scored an appointment to meet with a seller, the last thing you want to do is show up for the appointment, swallow your stage fright to recite a cold calling […]

Stale listings? 5 ways to freshen it up get it SOLD

Listings are leverage and the secret sauce to jump starting your career, but they can be  hard to get. Buyer leads are often much easier to obtain, and although working with buyers can be rewarding as well as lucrative, it is much more time consuming than working with sellers. Listings not only leverage your time […]

Zillow Sucks: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go With Zillow

That’s right.  I said it.  Zillow SUCKS.  And I also refuse to say their name for the rest of this blog post so I will be referring to them as Z from this point forward…  Read on to find out why I’m on a rant about the “largest online real estate network”. If you have ever had a conversation with […]

Want Listings? Get Listings. Stop Talking. [Here is what you need to do]

So, you think you are in sales?  What is sales?   THE COMMON ANSWER:  “I am selling myself”. An agent gathers as much information about themselves as they can and is told to make it into a fancy book. If you are trying to get listings, you were probably told that you should create a listing presentation, which […]

Why do we do open houses?

This ain’t your grandma’s open house The common sense answer would be to sell the house, but that is not really the case. Although it would be lovely to hold an open house and have the right buyer blaze in with check book in hand, that scene is mostly fantasy. Why do we do open […]