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  1. Dogs Get You Up and Going.  Most days I jump out of bed, excited for the day, but there are certain mornings that I would much rather lounge around if I could. But I can’t. I have a dog who relies on me and she holds me accountable. Even on the coldest of mornings following a festive night with a Negroni by the fire, I have to get my ass out of bed.  
  2. Dogs Keep You Moving and Talking.  Because I am responsible for my dog’s  bladder, I get up. The simple act of being held accountable sets my tone for the day. It is just not possible to hit snooze on a sad faced dog who needs to go out. I get up and walk; sometimes grudgingly, but I walk. Once I am out there, even in the cold, I am usually the better for it.  The chilly air wakes me up and the routine of walking around my neighborhood gives me comfort. It breaks up the monotony of my day. I talk to people. It happens all the time. Dog owners have a connection to other dog owners and we stop and chat and let our dogs sniff a bit. Walking my dog gets me out into the world when I could have otherwise stayed inside and not talked to anyone.
  3. Dogs Turn You Into a Neighborhood Expert.  While we’re out, I look around and notice things like moving vans, for sale signs and renovation work. Businesses open and close, street signs fall down, signs go up on telephone poles. I am double tasking. By simply taking my dog for a walk, I am taking care of an errand while kick starting my day. I realize that there are so many events or developments in my neighborhood that the only reason I know about are because I spotted them on a dog walk. It’s part of my routine and helps me stay in the know as a neighborhood expert.
  4. Dogs Get Leads.  Oftentimes, I get direct leads on my walks. When I see FSBO signs, I  snap a photo of the house with the sign and phone number visible. I call later and ask the seller about the house and work it as a listing lead or try to sell the house if I have a buyer.  If I see construction workers setting up in a house, I strike up a conversation. I ask them about the project and try to find out if the owner is planning to sell. I also make a connection with the contractor. Many of them are investors themselves or know other investors who might be looking for their next project. I take their card and make sure to contact them. I add them to my investor list. I also discuss what type of work they do and see if I can get references and build a referral relationship.
  5. Dogs make Natural Networkers.  If I go to the dog park, that is an entire networking opportunity right there. Lock a bunch of dog owners in a park and conversation is bound to happen.  Try to go at different times to meet people on different schedules and strike up as many conversations as you can. Meet you neighbors, make friends and maybe do a deal in the process.

There are plenty of lead generation programs that will gladly take your money and promise you deals and success. No matter how great these programs are, the key ingredient is you. You must work the system and be consistent. Sometimes, being consistent is the hardest part. It is the weak link that can lead to failure. Having a dog doesn’t allow for failure. Fido keeps you accountable and becomes your wing man, ensuring your success. Sloppy kisses included. 

Do you need a dog to love? A partner in crime to share your secrets with? A BFF who loves you unconditionally, but you don’t know where to find him?  Might I suggest you visit your local shelter and rescue a dog in need. I rescued Roxanne many years ago, but truth be told, it was she who rescued me:)