Take this first : Fundamentals

This 30 hours course is the starting point. Learn the basics of real estate and begin your required coursework here.

what you are signing up for:

it isn't what you see on HGTV

We are going to learn real stuff about real estate like laws, land use and forms of ownership, as well as unlocking the mysteries of how the real estate business operates. Whether you are here to get your license or just get a thorough real estate education, there is a seat at the table for you.

but we make it really fun

There is a reason you have to learn this stuff. It is important, but it can also seem overwhelming at times. We make learning fun, interesting and relevant. I am still an active broker and salesperson and have been for (gasp!) 25 years. I have stories that will delight you and sometimes make you blush, and I am not afraid to pull them out and use them to help you understand the topics. We will laugh together. We will cry together. It will be an experience.

Be Part of a Community

Taking the classes and passing the exam is the easy part. The real challenge happens after you pass the test. JBREA stays with you to support your real estate journey at every stage. We have an amazing, supportive community where students, agents and other related professionals share ideas and strategies. I've seen people make business and personal connections in my classes, and even had two students meet in my class and get married! I can't promise you'll find a date, but I assure you JBREA is like no other place you've ever seen.


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