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Are you feeling stuck in your Real Estate Business? 

Maybe you even found this post by going down the Facebook rabbit hole, but that was simply a lucky break.  

Stop wandering around aimlessly and wondering why you aren’t being productive.  

Do something to get out of the muck.  Grow Your Real Estate Business!

At best, get a planner and fit as many of these activities into your schedule as you can on a consistent basis. At worst, pick one thing and do it right now!  Then… do another.  Repeat as often as possible. The goal is to incorporate activities like these into your schedule on a consistent basis. 

Let’s just dive in.

Here is a list of 25 things you can do to increase your productivity to grow your Real Estate Business.  

 1. Hand out 5 business cards today. Carry them with you at all times.  When you hand one out, ask for one in return and then follow up

 2. Go preview a property.

 3. Call a past client just to say hello.

 4. Tweet or post on FB a good experience you recently had with a local business. Link to their page or tag them in your post.

 5. Change up your routine today. Do one thing differently. Turn a different corner, rearrange your desk, wear your hair differently…. It is good for your brain.

 6. Arrange to go volunteer somewhere that matters to you.

 7. Just for the Hell of it, send a referral to someone. Do not expect anything in return.

 8. Suggest a book to someone. It is a great conversation starter and a way to connect with someone you haven’t talked to in a while. And then maybe they will suggest one to you and make your world a little bigger.

 9. Call a handmade for rent sign to see if you can help the owner somehow. Ask what they need before you tell them what you can offer.

 10. Ask an agent in your office if you can promote one of their listings. It will help them get exposure while generating buyer leads for you. Win/Win

 11. Go to an open house. Watch the agent. Learn at least one thing to copy, and one thing to never do.

 12. Organize one drawer, closet or shelf. Clean out your car. Clear space to get yourself moving. Or go full out Marie Kondo if you need to.  

 13Contact another agent in your office to brainstorm business ideas over coffee. If you really want to get creative, substitute the coffee with cocktails. 

 14. Add 25 facebook friends and comment on one of their posts.  

 15. Go on Eventbrite or meetups and schedule one activity for this week. Get away from your computer and out into the world. Have fun. Talk to people. Make sure to bring your cards.

 16. Reach out to your local neighborhood group and see how you can help. Remember, life happens outside the house. Get involved.

 17. Add 5 people to your MLS contact list or CRM.

 18. Ask for 5 people’s cards today, then contact them. It does not have to be about real estate. Just go meet people.

 19. Listen to a motivational or business podcast. Wear headphones and do it out of the house. Even if you aren’t talking to anyone, you are at least not in front of your computer.

 20. Schedule to hold an open house. Ask an agent in your office if you can do one for them if you don’t have any listings.

 21. Call an expired listing and offer to provide an analysis of why it didn’t sell.  Wondering how to get their phone number? Call the previous listing agent and offer a referral fee if they help you contact the owner. Get the listing and get it sold and the original agent gets a fee. Win/Win/Win

 22. Invite a successful agent out for coffee, or offer to help out for free so you can model behavior. Surround yourself with successful people.

 23. Update all of your online profiles and signatures. Make sure they are accurate, fresh and complete. Add links to your social media. 

 24. Sign up for a class or a seminar. Commit to learning and see how it opens doors. Then go through them.

 25. Make a schedule for tomorrow and include at least 5 items from this list. Make today the last day without a plan.

I hope these ideas get you motivated to take action, and I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below.

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