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Janis is a real estate broker and instructor and believes that we are all unstoppable. Her focus is on empowerment through real estate education. She knows that the fastest way to create wealth is through real estate. Whether you are an investor, agent, homeowner, or looking to take Real Estate Classes, she has the information you need to help you achieve your real estate goals. Her personable approach, humor and vast experience in the industry make her one of the most sought out educators in the field.

She is a dynamic and motivational speaker and is known for her endless energy and unique style..

Janis is very great with explaining everything and putting the book in a way that anyone can comprehend. Her class was super fun to be in and she is very intuitive when it comes to her students

Great coach, instructor, extremely motivational! You will retain information as. she breaks down any doubts that you may have. She is very reassuring and promotes positive energy.

Amazing energy!

Warren Buffet would say, " price is what you pay, value is what you get. Value is what I found while learning from Janis. I feel that anyone with a desire to learn can gain a ton of value from the way she breaks down information on real estate based more so on experience and not just what's in your textbook.

Janis is available for both in person and virtual events. She works well for both small teams as well as large audiences. To inquire about hiring Janis to speak at your event, please fill out the form below. Someone will reach out to you within 2 business days.

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