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Are You Looking to Up Your Marketing Game? 

Video marketing is an excellent way for real estate agents to connect with potential clients, and today’s technology makes it easy and affordable. 

When using video in real estate marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is showing a house, but that can get boring.  If you are going to invest the time into creating video, take a few moments to come up with a strategy for your real estate marketing plan. 

Your videos should be engaging and used to show visual information that you can’t get across with the written word. 

They should have a purpose. What is the message that you are trying to get across? 

Define your target audience and what your niche is so your videos can be laser focused and effective. 

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Include Video in Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

1. Go Live. 

If you want to show a house, make it interesting and different from everyone else. Otherwise, what is the point of doing it? 

Walk through a property and go live so you can grab attention, engage your audience and answer questions. Going live is a fun way to connect with people and show off the property and yourself at the same time.


The Property

I would rather do my taxes than sit through a video tour of a house. They are boring and they don’t hold my attention. 

Rather than just point out the kitchen and the bathroom, tell a story about it to tell us something interesting about the property. Just like a show on tv, an interesting story would hold my attention! 

You don’t have to be fancy or high tech like a tv production, but be interesting. Give the viewer something that the need video for. Don’t waste the medium.

The Agent

You want people to get to know you and the property. Sure, you want to sell the property, but the real purpose is to make connections and create relationships with your followers.

The bigger goal is for your audience to get to know you, so let your personality shine through! 

Ask people what they think of certain rooms or ask for design ideas. Encourage people to describe how they would use the space or what they like or dislike about the property. Get them involved.  Make the properties you feature interesting so you develop a following and people look forward to tuning in.

Be Consistent 

Stream at the same day and time each week. Make sure you promote it ahead of time. Include a call to action so you can collect email addresses and build your email marketing list.

Grab a Partner

Consider bringing a guest expert like a lender or designer who can answer their questions in real time. Maybe the designer could bring paint samples or a few accent pieces to give a visual of what it could look like.

Make it Interactive

You can also invite people to come tour the property during the live and tag them. It will generate some excitement, expand your reach and engage your audience on a whole new level.

Be Entertaining

Be entertaining and informative and create a following. People will come to expect your videos.

I am obsessed with Kirsty, and I don’t have long nails, nor am I a nail tech. But her videos are mesmerizing and I could watch them for hours. I also share them with people when I notice they have fancy nails.

Kirsty has mastered her craft. Use her as an example on how to use video marketing, simply adjust for real estate agents.

2. Talk to Your Clients 

I hope you are touching 5 people a day (not in the creepy way). One attention grabbing way to do it is to send quick personalized videos to your clients and sphere. Emails are common, but videos stand out. 

In my schedule, I set aside one day a week to reach out to all of my sellers and one day to contact all my buyers. Rather than sending an email status update, sometimes I sit down and block out time to record short personalized videos and text them over. I say the person’s name and speak directly to them to deliver the message I need to convey. 

There is no need for expensive equipment. You can just use your iphone. Just  make sure the audio is good. I invested in a high quality inexpensive microphone. I also invested in a ring light. There are so many options now, even mini lights that attach right to your phone or laptop.

Be upbeat, to the point and concise. Respect their time and make sure you have something worthwhile to say. 

Always include a CTA, and be clear about what you want them to do. 

I send messages to my buyers telling them to check their email for this week’s list of open houses and I might speak about one that stands out. My CTA is to text me back which ones you are going to so I can get you registered and send you more details about that property. 

I contact my sellers on Monday with the weekend activity report and any feedback or suggestions. If there is something in the property I need to point out, I can use video to get my message across.

3. Create  a Resource Library

Is there something you are an expert in?  DIY, repairs or design?

Create short informative videos about your topic and start a library on Youtube.  Just like Google, Youtube is a search engine, and people go to the channel looking for specific content. Video is an effective way to get your content out into the world so you can be found by the people who need your services. 

As with all marketing, think first about the message you want to get across. What you want to be know for, and make sure that each video you post supports that goal. 

If you want to be known at the local golf course community expert, talk about topics that have to do with the community- it’s activities and amenities. You can highlight homes there and the local town. If you are also a golf player, do a series on short golf tips, highlighting everything from improving your swing to the latest in golf wear fashion. 

Be sure to tie all of your videos together with your tag line or elevator pitch. This acts as a bridge from a video about your swing to your expertise as a real estate agent.

Get Super Specific on Who Your Audience is.

Don’t worry about not appealing to enough people. Be clear on who your message is for and you will attract the right people with your video marketing.

If you try to speak to everyone, no one will listen.

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