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Your Income Potential is Limitless

As a real estate agent you can earn unlimited income, set your own hours, and enjoy personal freedom. The price for that freedom is you wake up every day unemployed.

If you don’t hunt, you don’t eat, and that results in famine.

Real Estate is a 45 Day Cycle

You might begin with lofty sales goals and full of energy but not see immediate real estate deals and run out of steam and lose motivation.

Real estate sales can be exhausting when you don’t see results but have to get up every day and take action again.

It is so easy to lose your drive and skip a day, but what you skip today will affect your future. If you skip today, then 45 days from now, you won’t eat.


You Need a Plan

You need to have a plan of action to be constantly building your business and creating clients, but it’s so easy to get overwhelmed when faced with a long and detailed system to follow.

That’s why you need a plan that you will stick to! If you want to stay motivated in your real estate career, there are ways to keep yourself moving.

Here are 20 Fun and Easy Ways to Get Motivated in Your Real Estate Career.

  1. Pick something you believe in.  Find your something greater than money so you are led with purpose and your motivation will come from within. Without having to push yourself by  doing something that you don’t believe in, you have a much higher chance of success.
  2. Have an accountability partner. If you have someone to answer to- someone who is going to give you shit if you don’t do what you said you would do, you have a higher immediate price to pay for getting lazy.
  3. Make a schedule. If you plan out the important tasks on your daily schedule, then it is easy to get up each morning and do them. If you wait till you wake up to decide how to spend your day, it’s easy to pass your time reacting rather than acting.
  4. Make your goals public. Declare them so you are forced to follow through or face up to the fact that you didn’t try. You can declare it on social media as a personal challenge and invite people to hold you accountable and share in your wins.
  5. Write it down. Put your goal on a post it and stick it on the mirror. As corny as it sounds, it works. Post it on the mirror or wherever you will see it and be faced and reminded of your goal. Cover your house in sticky notes. Get creative.
  6. Positive reinforcement. Use an affirmation app- I like I AM. I get free reminders throughout the day to stay positive and believe in myself- and to go for my dreams.
  7. Make a Dream Board. You can do it the old fashioned way on poster board or go digital and make it on Pinterest. Find photos that inspire and motivate you to kick ass in your real estate career. Whether you create a poster for the wall or a virtual board, visualizing your dreams is an important step in making them come true. 
  8. Pay it forward. Encourage someone else- call or text someone to encourage them to go for their goals. Aim for once a week and see how it shifts your energy and motivates you by encouraging someone else. You can motivate someone in real estate or whatever their passion is, the topic isn’t as important as the action.
  9. Begin each day with gratitude. When you open your eyes, before you reach for your phone, think about what you are grateful for. Waking up, being healthy, the warm house you are in and the ability to get up another day and reach for your goals are a few that might resonate. At the beginning of the stay at home order, I bought a mug with Cup of Gratitude on it. It’s a great reminder each morning as I drink my coffee.
  10. Have stretch goals. Preview houses that you can’t afford. Nothing motivates me more than showing houses to clients that I wish I could live in. If I need some real estate motivation, I simply scroll through dream houses on MLS and go preview them. I will stand in the kitchen or look out the window and imagine living the life I want to live. I leave there ready to tackle my goals.
  11. Harness the power of yet. I haven’t hit my goal is self-defeating. I haven’t hit my goal yet sets your mind up for success. I’m not where i want to be is a way to beat yourself up. I’m not where I want to be yet is a way to encourage and motivate yourself.
  12. Clean out one drawer, closet or shelf.  Clearing out clutter allows space for new, fresh ideas to enter. As insignificant as it may seem, it is a step in the right direction and can energize you and get you motivated in life and your real estate career.
  13. Shift your mindset. Read a book or listen to the audio. 3 of my top choices are Get Rich, Lucky Bitch , You Are a Badass, and No Excuses. The beauty of mindset work is that it is a subconscious shift. It can happen gradually and you might not even notice it at first, but eventually your mindset will change and you won’t have to keep thinking about it and expending energy. You won’t have to actively try to switch your mindset- your brain will just do it, easily and naturally.
  14. Visualize success. Make a wall calendar and put a big X on each day that you worked toward your goal. Once you start a chain of X’s, it will be hard to skip a day and break the chain. The visuals work to keep you motivated.
  15. Avoid pain. Look at something you have already accomplished that was difficult or took a lot of work. Relish in how good it feels that you did it! Now imagine that you hadn’t done the work and think about how you might feel today without that accomplishment under your belt.  Reach for that painful feeling when you are confronted with the choice to skip doing the activity that will lead to your goal. It will be much easier to do the thing when you think of the pain of not doing it.
  16. Limit your time on social media. Seeing other people and their accomplishments can either motivate you or make you feel like crap about yourself. Use the motivation to propel you into action. If you end up feeling envious or down on yourself, then stay away entirely. It isn’t serving you. Either way, aim to spend less time on the platforms and more time working toward your goals.
  17. Banish negative talk. Don’t let people speak negatively about you. I am talking to you about the way you speak about yourself. Do you often call yourself stupid or lazy? Do you find yourself apologizing all day?  Stop. Would you talk that way to someone you love? Is it kind? Start with you and be kind to yourself and unapologetic for who you are. 
  18. Surround yourself with successful people. Join a group or volunteer to serve on a board or organization with motivated, like minded people. The good habits and positive energy will rub off on you.
  19. Move your body. Exercise is good for your mind and health and it can be the first step in getting you unstuck. Pick some activity that you enjoy, or a task that needs to be done that requires physical activity and see what it does for you body, mind and motivation.
  20. Post one of your goals in the comments below. Putting it out into the universe is the first step in making it happen. Plus, we will get to cheer you on and keep you motivated!


Follow these simple steps above to keep yourself motivated in your real estate career. They are fun and good for you. Do whichever ones feel right and notice the shift in your energy.

Keep reaching for what makes you feel good and positive so you have a fertile ground for your dreams to grow.


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