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This 45 hour course covers more topics and begins to take an in depth dive into the practice of your real estate business.

what you are signing up for:

pass the exam

We learn more real estate stuff, and include state regulations and licensing law. This is where you meet the rest of the education requirement and get prepared for the State exam.

Build your business

True to its name, real estate PRACTICE puts emphasis on the practice of your business. we move through the basic (or fundamentals) of real estate into the daily activities that will create your business. Although this is not a business strategy course, I can't help but give pointers and strategies to help you create a real estate business that dances with your life.

be part of a community

Taking the classes and passing the exam is the easy part. The real challenge happens after you pass the test. JBREA stays with you to support your real estate journey at every stage. We have a n amazing supportive community where students, agents and other related professionals share ideas and strategies. I've seen people make business and personal connections in my classes, and even had two students meet in my class and get married! I can't promise you'll find a date in class, but I assure you JBREA is like no other place you've ever seen.


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