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If you are here you are a realtor, and to be a realtor isn’t an easy job. You need constantly hone your skills. That’s why I have got this self assessment for realtors quiz.

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The world of real estate can be a pretty tight knit one.  

It’s a community.  You have to work with other agents on deals, see them at Open Houses, Brokers Opens, networking events, C.E. classesrealtor conventions, social media, etc…  It’s a tiny world and everyone knows everyone.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing.  I like to think of it as mostly a good thing and here’s one particular reason why: dealing with other agents is a terrific learning experience.  

Working or dealing with other agents is awesome when the other agent is nice and good at their job.

For instance, if I’m doing a co-op deal, it makes the deal easier and it can even motivate me to be better if the other agent is amazing in some way. When we are friendly and get to chatting, one of my favorite ways to get ideas for building my business is to ask the other agent how they got their client. If it comes up in conversation, I like to ask, but sometimes it feels too pushy and awkward. In this case, I realized that simply by observing how other people get their business, I was able to use that as a mirror to my own situation and try to get deals in the same sort of places that my co-op did.   

Whether we are talking about a good experience, like the co-op scenario above; or even a bad experience, where you have learned what NOT to do from observing an agent, This engagement or observation with other agents should then lead back to some self-examination.  You’ve observed and are learning from what others are doing.   Now it’s time to take a look at yourself.  How can you learn from YOU?  Well…   

 I developed this self assessment for realtors quiz to make the task easier. 

I use this with my agents so they can have a framework for some necessary self-reflection.  Every time a new group takes it, there are agents who are amazed by the results.  I am sharing it with you this week in the hopes that you will begin to take a look at yourself from a fresh point of view. Take some perspective and observe yourself like you would a professional peer.   There are no right or wrong responses and no scoring system. This is simply a way to take a look your life with the goal of seeing how your daily life affects your business.  Any life changes or habit adjustments you make are up to you.  

This is meant to be a fun activity so loosen up and enjoy it: 

The quiz should be fun and help you gain insight on building your business.  You can download the pdf version here.

The Settle Down Confab

Some new agents on our team have been challenged to take this quiz and discuss their new insights at an upcoming Settle Down Confab.   We’ll be using this experience to come up with personalized ideas for business growth.  

Are you an agent or a would-be agent in the Philly area and wondering what we’re all about here at Settle Down?  There’s always an opportunity to join us for one of our upcoming Settle Down Agent Confabs. It’s a great way for you to get to know us, learn something new, and brainstorm with some other like-minded agents. If you’re interested, let us know.   Or you can sign up in our handy little pop up window which will probably greet you as you’re leaving this page.

Did you take the self assessment for realtors quiz and learn something great you can’t wait to share?  We want to hear about it!  Scroll down and leave a comment below.