Exam Prep : Strategy

This optional three hour course unlocks the mindset and strategy you need to pass the exam.

what you are signing up for:

mindset is everything

I wish I could teach this course to every human. Your mindset determines your life. I will show you why this is the most important step amd teach you ways to get your head on straight to ensure you have your desired outcome. Pass the effing exam.

its live (via zoom)

I teach this class once a month, and once you sign up, you have admission to every monthly session. You can come back anytime and grab a refresher.


Taking the test sucks, but if you are going to be a real estate rockstar, you are going to have to pass it somehow. How do you plan to study? What is your plan of attack the day of the exam? I teach you a proven plan to beat the exam. We spend the first half of our time together creating your strategy, then use sample questions to illustrate how to sidestep the landmines that PSI buries in the exam. Do I sound dramatic? Good. Because this test is no joke. Get serious about passing so you can get on with your life.


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