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Texting isn’t Just for Hooking Up Anymore

Get the Conversation Started.

Texting is usually to arrange a playdate for your 3rd grader, yourself, or to let your friend know where to meet for happy hour, but there is so much more! Did you ever think you could use it to generate real estate leads? You can, but to be effective, texting hinges on good conversation starters.


Grab that phone and start texting for clients.  

Real estate is a people business and clients want to work with someone they know, like and trust. The way to become that person (and someday their agent) is to have conversations with them. The cornerstone of building an organic real estate business is to Touch 5 People a Day

But how do you get started?


Start With Your SOI

Is there someone in your SOI that has been crossing your mind?  You have a nagging desire to talk to them, but you don’t really know them well enough to pick up the phone and have a real conversation? That’s why you should text them.


Break the Ice.

Don’t Do Too Much Too Soon.

Although meeting in person or calling on the phone is usually the quickest path towards connection, sometimes you simply don’t feel close enough for the intimacy of a phone call. 

Take Baby Steps.

If a phone call feels too intrusive, you might need to break the ice.  That’s where texting comes in handy.

Take your time. Warm them up. Send them a text.

Texting has its own set of rules  – The How.

Wait! Now that you’ve decided on texting, let’s go over some ground rules before you pick up that phone. No matter how good your conversation starters are, if you don’t follow some texting guidelines, the whole thing can go flat.

Texting etiquette

  1. Always double and triple check the recipient. (if you need to know why, click here) 
  2. Spell check
  3. Do not write a novel. Keep it short and to the point. 
  4. Yru 2 lazy to use whole words?
  5. The other person might not want to keep texting- pay attention to clues so you know when to stop.
  6. Just like in business networking, conversation starters can make or break a relationship. You cannot talk about real estate all the time- no one will want to write back. 

What is the purpose of your text?- The Why.

Get your head on straight. Think about how to connect with someone rather than what you can ask them for (like their business) If you are only texting them to ask for their business, the conversation will seem flat and it will be obvious to the other person that you are just cold texting them to ask for something.  

Just like a social media post or an email, texting should have a CTA (Call to Action) in mind. To get the person to do something, whether it is simply to have a cool conversation with you, or ultimately end up mask to mask over some coffee.

These easy to use conversation starters make texting simple and painless. 

Be on the Lookout for Conversation Triggers


Are you fun? Be funny or tell them a joke.

Did you pass by a store they love?

Did you show a house in their neighborhood?

Drink at a bar they like?

Run into a mutual friend?  

Read an article that you want to share?  It feels a lot more personal if you text it to them. You hit them where they are and they think of you.  

Invite them somewhere.

Ask a question. 

If something makes you think of them, grab your phone and send a text. You can create a quick video of your talking head and send it to them to say hi. Respect their time so they can watch on their own schedule.

Convinced and ready to start connecting with your sphere?  Wait!  Before you hit send you need to come up with some effective conversation starters for texting

What if you don’t even know what to say?- The WHAT


It is a great ice breaker way to stay in touch and keep top of mind. It all sounded great in your head, but then you pick up your phone and your thumbs freeze. That’s why you need to text some conversation starters or your message could fall flat. Here are my top 13 favorites!

Start by thinking about what made you think of them. Use a conversation starter to create curiosity to lead into a phone call or a meeting

  1. Our favorite restaurant is open again! Snap a photo of the restaurant or a link to their website and send.
  2. I thought you would love this window display. It reminds me of those shoes/flowers/hairstyle you were talking about.
  3. Your neighbor’s house just hit the market. I thought you might want to see inside.
  4. Happy Birthday! Are you doing anything fun?-Feel free to use emojis if it fits your personality. 
  5. I saw this (insert video) and thought of you. It went viral- have you seen it?
  6. I just started this book, and by the end of page one I knew I had to tell you about it. Have you read it? (insert link to buy a book from an independent bookstore- way better and hipper than amazon. I use this
  7. Maybe it’s a show that they love on Netflix. You could say I was thinking of watching that show you mentioned, Is it really that funny? Or, You always seem to know which is the best show to binge. Do you have any suggestions?
  8. I always loved your taste in music and my playlist needs some new energy. Do you have any suggestions? Or I remember hearing that song (when I was in your car/as your hold music/that you were humming in the shower after that margarita night). What song is that? 
  9. Let them know if you ate something that they would love or hate. It’s fun to share something that will make them smile. Remember that time we went to lunch and they put capers in your salad and you almost threw up?  Well, guess what showed up on my salmon last night at dinner…
  10.  The craziest thing happened to me, I have to tell you about it!  (make sure there is a connection between your story and the person you are telling it to)
  11. Ask about their hobbies.  Do you want to learn to knit a scarf or make killer fish tacos? Ask the knitter or the cook in your life for the pattern or the recipe. People love talking about stuff they enjoy and get the conversation started. 
  12. Follow up with something they told you about. Is their kid graduating? Did they start a new job or cut off all their hair?  Ask them for an update. It shows you care and is a great way to get connected.
  13. Share a funny video and make someone laugh. It’s not only a great ice breaker, it’s so nice to send a little unexpected cheer.

Texting is a quick and easy form of communication for when you might be too busy for a conversation, but it has limited uses. Just make sure you have an exit strategy so you don’t get lost in a long term texting relationship. You should aim to take it deeper at some point- like on the phone or in person to bring the conversation to the next level.

Got a great conversation starter for texting? Leave it in the comment section below.