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Get your Broker’s License

Our next class will be starting April 8. In Person.


In order to get your Broker’s License you must meet the following requirements:

    • 3 years experience required:
    • 200 points total (5 points for each listings that sold | 5 points for each buyers that closed | 1 point for each exclusive right to sell that never sold | 1 point for each lease )
    • Education – Total of 240 Hours 16 Credits
      1. Mandatory- 60 hours
      2. Commission Developed courses – 90 hours
      3. Electives – 75 Hours
    • An application fee of $97.00-$179.50 is required.
    • Criminal History Check 👉🏼
    • Employer Verification form

**Courses must be completed within 10 years of the passing date of both portions of the examination
See the official state requirements here.

Mandatory Courses (60 Hours Required)

Real Estate Brokerage & Office Management (30 hours – 2 credits)
Real Estate Law (30 hours – 2 credits)

Commission Approved Courses (90 Hours Minimum)**

Real Estate Finance (45 hours – 3 credits)
Real Estate Investment (30 hours – 2 credits)
Residential Property Management (30 hours – 2 credits)
Non-residential Property Management (30 hours – 2 credits)
Real Estate Sales (30 hours – 2 credits)
Residential Construction (30 hours – 2 credits)
Valuation of Residential Property (30 hours – 2 credits)
Valuation of Income-Producing Property (30 hours – 2 credits)


What is the benefit of getting my broker’s license?

There are so many that I wrote a BLOG post about it!

Which classes do I need? I know you explained it, but it’s still confusing.

Yes, it is totally confusing! That’s why we created a checklist for you. You can download it HERE. And then have a discovery call with us to develop your plan.


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