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Real estate is a 30-60 day cycle, so the actions you take today to build your business are going to feed you a month or more in the future. Every day that you skip on generating leads  is a day in the future that you do not eat.

Creating a daily real estate lead generation system should not be painful. If you do it in such a way that it is instead joyful and feels natural, you will be inclined to stick with it and become effective. 

Here are three easy ways to ensure that you stick with it and generate leads on a daily basis. Do it consistently because it takes time to catch on. Plan on working steadily at it for 60 days and then assess results and tweak if you aren’t hitting your goal.

Commit to sticking with it for at least 6 months to give it time to gain traction.

Once you create a lead generation system, it will become part of your routine, just like brushing your teeth.

Before you know it, it will be filling your pipeline and your business will be even and plentiful. 

Step 1: Who Do You Want to Talk to?

In order to create a daily real estate lead generating system, you need to be clear on who you  are trying to attract. To be effective, get as specific as possible so you can target your message to the leads you are looking to serve.

In marketing, we call this your ICA, Ideal Customer Avatar. This is the ideal customer you are looking to serve. 

Think about your talents and interests and how they can be used to solve specific problems and who the person is that you can help. As yourself a few questions about what they need and what they are trying to accomplish.

Do you have a special talent or area of interest? Are you a master of DIY or a finance whiz? How can your strengths and talents translate into a niche or specialty in real estate?  

Your message to first time homebuyers will sound quite different than one to luxury million dollar buyers. Listing agents speak on getting ready for the market and the selling process. Investors speak their own language, so if you want to work with them, become fluent in “investor speak.”

Although you may serve many different types of clients, be clear and targeted when coming up with a daily system to generate real estate leads.  

Have this ICA in mind at all times so you visualize who you are speaking to.* This will ensure that your message is relevant and consistent. 

My ICA is looking to________________________________.

Their budget is in the _______________to__________________ range.

My ICA lives in______________________________(eg. House, condo, part of town…)

The main problem my ICA has is_____________________________________.

Anything else I know about my ICA?__________________________________

Step 2: Send a Clear Message.

You need a plan. What type of content will attract the right leads into your orbit? Think about your message and the best medium to get it out there. 

Are you a great writer?  Consider blogging or using email campaigns to get the word out to your ICA. 

If you are visual, maybe photos or graphics in social media is the way to go. 

Do you have the gift of the gab? Try video, live sessions or in person (someday…) encounters like seminars, festivals or workshops.

Once you come up with a plan, create a schedule that you will stick to. It can take several months to generate leads consistently, so prepare for  the long haul. You are working to create a following by providing value to the people you are looking to serve. You must be reliable and consistent so people know what to expect and you stay top of mind. It is much better to produce a post or blog once a week on a steady no fail basis than dumping all of your content full speed and burning out with nothing left to say.

Set yourself up for success by blocking out time to create and map out at least a month in advance. It is so easy for the little busy work BS things to get in the way and suck up your time. If you have a content plan and schedule out a few hours each month to write or record, you will overcome writer’s block or wasting your time reacting to some urgent matter that isn’t even doing anything to build your business.  

My preferred method of communication is ______________________________

My favorite type of real estate transaction involves________________________________

My real estate superpower is_______________________________

I want the world to know how to_____________________________

Step 3: Hold Yourself Accountable

Goals. Once you have your ICA and know where to point your messaging, it’s time to create some goals for yourself. Of course you know how much volume you need to produce, but I want you to come up with short term goals you use to measure the effectiveness of your messaging and keep you on track.

 Are you building an email list or generating leads on Instagram? Start with the baseline and record how large your list is or how many followers you have and then set a growth goal. This goal is not in your control, but you can also set a production goal of how much content you want to create in order to help you get there.

As you grow your email list, pay attention to how many leads it generates. If you need more leads, work on growing your list. 

I plan to use ____________________ to communicate with leads_____________ times per week.  

My goal is to grow my________________ from__________ to _________________.

Get Your Head on Straight

Generating leads is not a full-time job that you have to drag yourself out of bed and force yourself to do. It is a natural result of speaking your message truthfully and consistently to the people who need or want to hear it. 

Once you shift your mindset and look at generating leads as an extension of the conversations you have with people every day, the sooner you will find your groove, grow your audience and connect with the customers you will be serving.

Create a plan and stick to it, and before you know it, your pipeline will be full of leads you generated!

* Be sure to think about the person’s needs and budget rather than the identifying characteristics of people. We must always abide by fair housing laws and give all people the same opportunity to live where they choose so long as they can afford it. 

Are you feeling stuck and need more help? Ask me about the Real Estate MISSterclass and how it can help you generate leads. Click HERE to send me a message.